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Blending & Additives

Camin Cargo Control NW Europe offers its clients comprehensive solutions to treat cargo specification challenges and for upholding the highest product quality specifications.

It is exactly by way of blending different components that industry traders may be able to create a margin. In order to maximize such margins and to maintain a high quality reputation Camin Cargo Control NW Europe is able to assist with precise measuring data and professional advice and analytical support on blending and the use of the right additives. Camin Cargo Control NW Europe shall provide for all required laboratory data and a reliable prediction of theoretical blend specifications. Also physical trial blends can be carried out in our laboratory.

Additives can be of great interest as they may improve different specifications of the product and prevent premature corrosion and wear and tear. Camin Cargo Control NW Europe actively assists its clients in correctly analyzing the product, proposing the preferred treatment and when required adding the additives in the needed dosage to the product on board a vessel, barge, truck or wagon.

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