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“Camin Cargo Control's use and development of advanced business information technology has helped us become a leading service provider in the Petroleum Testing and Inspection industry. Our highly experienced and innovative software development team has revolutionized the Petroleum Testing and Inspection business with our proprietary information management system named “Polaris”.

In 1994, the Camin Cargo Control Group introduced the first version of Polaris, which has evolved to incorporate the latest information technologies and seamlessly adapt to the diverse, continuously changing data management requirements of our customers (i.e. Electronic Deliverables, KPI Metrics Analysis, Business-to-Business Data Integration, Web document hosting…). Polaris fully automates the entire company’s inspection, analytical, and administrative data management processes, and its continuous advancement allows us to create and maintain the highest standards of quality, efficiency, and reliability.

The Polaris suite of business information technologies gives the Company a significant competitive advantage within the office and in the field from most internet-ready devices. Our strategically engineered information management solutions incorporate highly advanced functionality that delivers unsurpassed performance, versatility, accuracy, and stability. The Polaris Product family meets the highest data integrity standards, and fully complies with API Standards.”